The first of our kind, we provide a strategic array of intelligence-driven advisory services to produce scalable, measurable and repeatable results well beyond the norm. 


Our advisors blueprint, deploy and deliver real-world solutions to some of the toughest operational challenges facing our nation's commercial sectors, critical infrastructure, and continued leadership positioning in the globally-connected economy. 


We employ only the most highly-skilled, capable & adaptive professionals - all drawn from a diverse range of business, intelligence, operations, scientific and IT backgrounds.

We are the creators of several proprietary methodologies, systems and operations frameworks:


  • IDEA (Introduce. Discuss. Engage. Alleviate.): A fluid, effective and consultative sales process for intangible service lines

  • IDBO (Intelligence-Driven Business Operations): A data-driven, non-linear business development system for optimally scaled growth

  • IDSP (Intelligence-Driven Sales Process): A multi-disciplinary corporate tradecraft methodology for complex selling scenarios

  • SPIES (Strategize. Plan. Implement. Engage. Scale.): An enterprise-wide operations planning system for marketplace engagement

  • CORE (Confident. Optimistic. Resilient. Energetic.): A Human Performance Improvement (HPI) methodology for thriving under adversity

  • TIER (Time. Interest. Engagement. Response.): A behavioral analysis tool for analyzing and interpreting interpersonal engagement levels 

  • EBA (Enhanced Business Agility): An operations framework to markedly improve business and human performance simultaneously

  • STEP(Speed. Tone. Energy. Prosody.): An energy matching technique focused on establishing conflict-free communications


To that end, American OpEx Advisory Group continues to be one of the leading choices for new and emerging enterprises, government agencies, NGOs, NPOs, and publicly-traded companies nationwide.

If you care enough to hire the very best, turn to American OpEx Advisory Group and see why others have called us
'The New Standard in Intelligence-Driven Advisory Services.'

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